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Our professional services as a consultant & a neutral solution provider include - carrying out safety audits, fire adequacy survey, risk management, and the tasks of training the client teams related to the said fields. The profile of the undersigned heading the organization is attached herewith for your perusal. We would be happy to have a discussion in person in the matter and to get enlisted in the panel of service providers to you.

Emergency Evacuation Drill

Objective of this session is to provide knowledge on how to respond if an emergency strikes. It is always best to avoid the occurrence but it would not be possible all the time. This programme comes handy to the occupants in the event of any eventualities. This is a part of a Business Continuity Plan mandatory for any organisation ranging from institutions, hospitality industries, manufacturing units, IT sector and so on

Basic Life Support & First Aid Skills

This session focuses on various life threatening medical emergencies like bleeding injuries, fracture, heart attack, cardiac arrest, choking, stroke, reptile bites, transport hazards. The main nucleus of this session would be imparting knowledge on how to perform CPR on a victim. This will be demonstrated on an imported manikin from USA.

Accident / Incident Investigation & RCA

It is better for any organisation to run without any incidents but this would not be possible.  This programme delivers knowledge to the participants on how an accident investigation takes place by using GAIP analysis and how root cause could be found out.  Analysis on active and latent failure and witness interviewing technique would be a part of the session.  The participants would be able to demonstrate their skill if and only if something goes wrong.  This would be vital to prevent recurrence of the incident in the same manner and ofcourse in the same condition.

Lifting operation – Rigging & Slinging

Target audience for this session would be from companies those who do mechanical handling like container terminals, warehousing, and logistics and so on. Participants would be able to understand the appropriate load calculation, right method of hitch, interpretation of different terminologies, signalling and so on. As drop objects plays a vital cause of accidents while lifting is on this would be highly imperative for participants who have some practical knowledge and would like to scale up to the next level.


Every industrial machineries and process do have failure modes and this is the methodology that suits to every industry to understand how these failure modes can be identified in advance, corrective actions implemented and accidents can be averted.

Basic fire safety

Fire plays havoc when it goes beyond control. This programme revolves around inculcating knowledge to the participants on different case studies and causes, how fire starts, method of heat transfer, classification of different fire extinguishers concludes with the practical knowledge on operation of these equipments on a real fire

Awareness of Occupational Health and Safety

This programme provides a horizontal exposure to all health and safety hazards that are work related. Normally we do not give importance to chronic pain but if unattended it aggravates like a hell. This session conveys the importance of executing any job safely.

Confined space entry and usage of SCBA

Many workers loose their lives due to asphyxiation while entering into confined space. And statistical analysis proves that many who were fatally killed were from the rescue team. This session involves practical application on how to don breathing apparatus, how the toxic gas can be detected, and required documentation. Suits for oil & gas, chemical handling units, mining, construction

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the process of identifying and evaluating hazards and taking sensible measures to eliminate them. It is performed by inspecting the entire workplace to detect possible hazards, evaluating the severity of it and formulating steps to prevent the harm by deciding on effective control measures. Every one of us does risk assessment in our day to day life. But this is a qualitative one and done more of a subconscious node or without any deliberate attempt. But this programmes imparts knowledge on how to assess the risk quantitatively after identifying the probable hazards

Manual & mechanical handling

Material handling seems to be very simple but many of the chronic disorders happens due to this like muskulo skeletal disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome, vibration white finger, work related upper limb disorder. This session imparts awareness on right method of material handling and what needs to be avoided.

Defensive driving

ILO statistics reveals that 14 lives are lost every hour in our country due to Road Traffic Accidents. This could be avoided only by proactive measures . This is mainly for organisation who are involved in logistics. Inculcates awareness on basic driving culture and discipline, signals, attitudinal based approach to overcome hurdles.